Machine Park
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Machine Park

The machine park consists of two independent assembly lines, which allows us to fully use the production capacity.
Line I is the main assembly line and consists of the following devices:

  • Yamaha YCP-10 screen printer
  • Assembly Yamaha YS 24
  • Assembly Yamaha YS 24 x
  • Reflow oven ERSA 2/14

The line is completed by transporters, ASYS and CUBE loading and unloading banks.


Yamaha YCP-10 screen printer


The Yamaha YCP-10 screen printer is equipped with a modern 3S head, automatically adjusting the rake angle and speed, optimizing the settings to get the best printing results with the selected type of solder paste and its volume. The 3S head guarantees optimal printing also in the pin-in-paste technology.
The template fastening system is supported by a vacuum, ensuring stability and high print accuracy. The auto-cleaning system determines settings such as the cleaning mode and speed, adapting them according to the working conditions.


Technical specification of the Yamaha YCP-10 screen printer:

  • Minimum PCB dimensions (mm): 50 x 50 mm
  • The maximum PCB dimensions (mm): 510 x 460 mm
  • Cycle time: 8 sec. (normal printing and cleaning – optimal conditions)
  • Print accuracy: +/- 0,025 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 0,010 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 750 x 750 mm

Assembly Yamaha YS-24
The YS-24 series is a device with very high efficiency – it can place 72 000 components / hour. The working area of the device allows for mounting elements on PCBs from 50 x 50 mm to 700 x 460 mm.
Technical specification of Yamaha YS-24:

  • Efficiency: 72 000 items / hour in a 10-head configuration
  • Positioning accuracy: 50um for chip elements
  • The minimum size of elements: 01005
  • The maximum size of elements: 32 x 100mm
  • The maximum height of elements: 6.5mm
  • The minimum PCB size: 50 x 50mm
  • The maximum PCB size: 700 x 460 mm
  • Permissible thickness of PCBs: 0.4 – 3.0 mm

Assembly Yamaha YS- 24x
The Yamamha YS – 24X automat is similar to the YS – 24 parameters. It places 54,000 elements per hour. The maximum component height is 15 mm. It has a sATS feeder for 30 trays.
Assembly machines of the Assembleon series are versatile devices that allow the assembly of SMD components starting from chip elements in size 01005 to integrated circuits in CSP, BGA, QFP enclosures. Production preparation can take place in two modes: off-line, like at a remote position or In-line – directly at the machine.

Technical specification of Assembleon MG -1R


  • Efficiency: 25,000 pieces / hour in 8-head configuration
  • Positioning accuracy: 50um for chip elements and 40um for elements in QFP housings
  • The minimum size of elements: 01005
  • The maximum size of elements: 45 x 100mm (BGA, uBGA, CSP)
  • Maximum height of elements: 15mm
  • The minimum PCB size: 50 x 50mm
  • The maximum PCB size: 440 x 460mm
  • Permissible thickness of PCB: 0.4 – 4.0 mm

The device is equipped with a system of automatic exchange and cleaning of suction cups. This allows the assembly of components from all types of packaging, tapes, trays, and tubes.


Reflow oven ERSA 2/14


Ersa HotFlow 2/14 reflow soldering ovens, the device specially designed for unleaded technology. It is characterized by a long heating zone, over 2.5 m (the entire process chamber is about 3.4 m long), thanks to which you can solder systems with a small grid and components of uBGA and BGA. The heating zone consists of 5 upper and 5 lower pre-heating zones, 2 upper and 2 lower soldering zones and 2 cooling zones. The temperature deviation in individual zones can be up to +/- 2°C. The double conveyor system used in the furnace increases the efficiency of the soldering process.

Line II is a supplementary line and consists of the following devices:

  • EKRA X5 screen printing machine
  • Pick & Place Yamaha YS 12
  • Pick & Place Yamaha YS 12F


The line is completed by the ASYS transporter.
The Yamaha YS12 and YS12F pick & place line is characterized by a capacity of 56,000 pieces / hour. The YS12F version is equipped with an automatic changer of integrated circuit trays.

Yamaha YS12 and YS12F



The EKRA E4 XP screen printer is a universal device that allows you to print PCB pastes up to a maximum size of 460 x 460mm.
Technical specification of the EKRA E4 XP screen printer:
  • Minimal PCB size: 50 x 50mm
  • Maximum PCB size: 550 x 550mm
  • Work cycle: 12s
  • Print accuracy: +/- 0.0125mm
Assembly of THT elements
In the case of projects requiring soldering of a larger number of THT interleaved elements, we use selective soldering technology in nitrogen protection. Our machine park consists of two soldering aggregates: InterSelect – Selective Soldering IS B 335S and the new Ersa Smartflow 20200.
Nowadays, selective soldering technology has been gaining popularity. Thanks to the use of miniature soldering nozzles that eliminates heat the entire PCB surface. Selective soldering allows the assembly of SMD components on the paste simultaneously on both sides of the PCB, and the possible assembly of THT elements takes place pointwise. The selective soldering process is fully controlled, and PCB motion and the individual phases of the soldering process are programmed.
Technical specification of InterSelect – Selective Soldering IS B 335S:
  • The maximum PCB size: 355 x 355mm
  • The minimum distance THT point from the SMD component: 0.5mm
  • Fluxer: automatic Drop-Jet
  • Heating time of the crucible: 60 minutes

The soldering station is equipped with a titanium crucible suitable for all types of alloys. The weight of the alloy in the crucible is 12 kg.

Supplementary assembly of THT elements is made using ERSA and JBC manual soldering stations.


InterSelect – Selective Soldering IS B 335S


ERSA Smartflow 2020

Quality control of assembly


100% of our production undergoes quality control. Depending on the client’s requirements, we manufacture in class II or III IPC-A_610. Circuits printed after the assembly process are visually inspected using Mantis microscopes and in the process of automatic optical control using the Marantz FDAz-350 and Marantz GTAz-520 systems.
The AOI Marantz GTAz-520 oraz Marantz FDAz-350 system diagnoses any errors in the assembly of electronic components:
– sufficiency/lack of SMT and THT components,
– type of SMT and THT elements,
– polarization,
– displacement,
– descriptions,
– colour,
– filling with solder (excessive, insufficient, no alloy, shorting, raised pins).
We maintain quality control at various production stages depending on the level of advancement of assembly and types of electronic components. The control takes place after the SMD assembly process, after manual and selective soldering of the through-holes.