Assembly - Technosystem Sp. z o.o.
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Technosystem offers a comprehensive service in the field of electronics manufacturing services. We provide the highest quality assembly from prototype to finished device. A qualified team of employees is prepared to handle and implement inquiries, both on a prototype and mass scale. The machinery park, thanks to its flexibility, allows us to implement small, medium and large-scale production.

Our machinery park consists of Yamaha solder paste printers and assembly machines. The reflow soldering process takes place in ERSA HOTFLOW furnaces. The lines are supplemented with Cube loading and unloading banks and ASYS transporters. To solder through-hole elements, we use selective soldering units from ERSA and Inter Select. Manual assembly is performed using JBC manual soldering stations. Quality control is performed using  Marantz and Cyberoptics AOI Systems.

We encourage you to read the detailed description: Machine Park